fredag den 22. juni 2012

Long absence! Very long...

I´m finally back! After almost a years absence, i finally got back to writing a post. The last year has been quite buisy. I finished my deployment to Afghanistan back in february, spend some time off with my girlfriend and then started working again. On top of that i am getting married in august. Happy times ahead. Oh, and then i qualified for the Games with my team, Team Butcher´s Lab.
So although the last year has been busy, the next couple of months will be too.
I´m not going to post a WOD now, but hope to have some spare time doing so after my wedding. So todays post was more about letting you guys know that i will be back and that i´m still very much alive, in case you were worried. ;)

torsdag den 7. juli 2011


I'm finally back with another video. The last two month have been very busy, and although i have been training, I didn't have the time to blog.
My strenght has really improved over the last couple of month, especially my squat. Sticking to Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 for a long time has really paid of. I hit two reps at 180kg (396lbs) this monday.

I finally have almost 6 weeks of vacation before i leave for Afghanistan on the 8th of august. At the moment I'm spending some of it with my girlfriend in her parents summer cottage.
This morning we did some strenght training at the nearby army base and later i did the following WOD:

800m run
20 toes-through-rings + 20 KB-snatch 32kg
30m sandbag drag
6 tireflips
16 toes-through-rings + 16 KB-snatch 32kg
30m sandbag drag
6 tireflips
12 toes-through-rings + 12 KB-snatch 32kg
30m sandbag drag
6 tireflips
8 toes-through-rings + 8 KB-snatch 32kg
800m run.

This was a really hard workout. The heat didn't make it any easier. I really struggled with the tire. Had a hard time finding a grip underneath it, so the flips took me some time. My time ended up being 18:17 which i think is pretty decent. The video of the workout is below.


søndag den 1. maj 2011

Hangover WOD

Yesterday the annual Fight Gone Bad Party was held at Butcher's Lab. This year, the band "The beginning of the end of the world" was playing live while we were working out. Awesome!!! They were not holding back on the noise and earpluggs were almost mandatory. Afterwards we ate some paleo food and drank a lot of beer.
So today a lot of my good friends and I, met up for a sunday hangover workout at the naval base in Copenhagen. It wasn't very competitive and we just had a lot of un and enjoyed the good weather. Below is a video of the workout. I have no idea of how long it took and we didn't time anything, but it was great fun.

Stay safe!

tirsdag den 26. april 2011

My first video ever...

After some technical issues yesterday, I finally got it right. I present to you my first ever youtube video...

mandag den 25. april 2011

Row, row, row your boat...

Yo water lovers!
I finally got to blog a little again. The easter holiday has been somewhat busy, since i decided to move in with my girlfriend. We sure did a lot of functional training, emptying and cleaning my old appartment.
The weather in Denmark has been fantastic all week, so we worked hard to get through the moving stuff and to be able to enjoy the sun.
I haven't had much time to do crossfit lately and i think that it shows on my Games Open results. I'm only competing to gather some good scores for the Butcher's Garage Team, so it really doesn't matter, but still i hate sucking at anything. I really screwed up the first WOD and that has had me trailing behind ever since. Friday i did my first decent result, finishing 6th in the european region with a score of 385 on WOD 5.
Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to the naval base in the harbour of Copenhagen and grabbed a rowing boat from the naval pentathlon course and set out to do a little CrossFit Submerged WOD.

As i said, the weather was fantastic and doing a rowing workout was absolutely perfect. So here is the WOD.

3 rounds
200m row
20 V-situps
10 burpees

Really wasn't anything fancy, but it was fun and when do you ever get to do real rowing in a CrossFit WOD?! I didn't time it, but gave it my all and was really exhausted afterwards. My abs and my forearms were absolutely smashed. I tried to attach a small video, but it took forever to upload it, so i lost my patience and a picture has to be what i can give you by now. If you guys know any good program for creating videos, please let me know.

søndag den 3. april 2011

Back to the pool...

I'm finally getting my shit together and posting a new WOD. As mentioned earlier, the last month has been quite eventful and i haven't had much time to blog.
My training for Afghanistan is coming along fine, but because of it i haven't had much time to do CrossFit. I've done the two Games workouts, but fucked up the first one because of my bad DU technique and only got 5+ rounds. Just did the second yesterday and got respectable 12 rounds straight. The pushups with hand release were really hard for me and by round 5 or 6 i couldn't do 12 unbroken any longer. Anyway, I'm not bitching and neither am I trying to qualify for the Games this year, so it really doesn't matter, but still, I'm a competitive person and I don't like doing bad.

Okay, back to the next "water-WOD". Here goes:

15min AMRAP
100m freestyle
5 inverted burpees
10 hindu-pushups
20 jumpsquats

For every time you can't do an exercise unbroken and have to take a break, do 10 atomic situps as a penalty.

That will be it for now. Have fun and let me know if you are doing the WOD.

Stay safe!

torsdag den 10. marts 2011

It's been a while...

The last month has been pretty busy for me, and the next four to come aren't going to be easier. There are a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, so blogging hasn't been top priority in my spare time. I promise I will make up for it, with a new WOD soon.
So, what's new? I have recently begun my training towards my deployment to Afghanistan in August. It's nice to be the one being taught new stuff for a change and not always being the one doing the planning and teaching.
My training is coming along nice. The education towards my deployment adds some training i wouldn't have done otherwise, but it's nice to do something different. My strenght is increasing steadily, although i don't seem to make any progress at all in my benchpress, which is already pretty pathetic (1RM 253lbs). But i seem to make progress on every other lift. Last week i did "King Kong" for the first time ever. It took me 15min (last round 9min!!!), which is definately no good time, but most people can't even do that workout, so being able to finish it was awesome.

My good friends Affe, Cathrine and Kenneth at Butcher's Lab in Copenhagen, recently opened up another CF box, called Butcher's Garage. It's what I would consider the coolest and most ambitious CF gym in Europe, with all a crossfitter would ever dream about. There are going to be forged some epic crossfit athletes in that place, I tell you! To kick things off, they held a CF Football inspired competition on the opening day, called "Butcher's Stronger Challenge". It was a team event, with three members on each team and a lot of heavy lifting. My team ended up in second place, which we wouldn't have anticipated after only finishing 7th in the first event. Only two teams qualified for thefourth and final event, which was a 4min farmerwalk. The leading team was given a 30 sec. head start, and we were not able to close that gap. But it was a great day and an awesome way of opening up the new place. I managed to PR on my deadlift, which was performed on a trap bar, with a 484lbs lift. I posted a video below about the event. Check it out and make sure to visit the place, if ever in Copenhagen (
I will be posting a new swimming/water WOD this weekend, so stay tuned.
Take care!